SpidersThere are many different types of spiders here in WNY. Most of them are just web builders and house invaders. There are only two spiders in New York that are considered dangerous. One being the brown recluse and the other is the Northern Black Widow.

The brown recluse rarely bites unless pressed against the skin. It is common to its name in the fact that it hides in dark areas, gloves, undisturbed clothing and bed sheets, and it is non-confrontational. The brown recluse can be identified by the violin shaped marking and can range in color from creamish colored to brown to dark brownish gray. If bitten by this spider it is imperative you seek medical attention as it can turn into severe skin lesions.

The Northern Black Widow is shiny black in color and can be identified by with a red hour glass marking on the underside of the abdomen, which is incomplete or split in the middle. It can also have white strips on the abdomen. This spider is timid and chooses to flee when disturbed, therefore rarely bites. If bitten pain is felt almost immediately and increases for 1 to 3 hours. There has only been a 1% mortality rate from being bitten.

Spiders and their webs attack any type of unprotected structure. Do you come back to your cottage or cabin and have to walk through webbing to reach your door? Do you have to sweep webbing off your screens so you can look out your windows? Do you have to wash the spider mess off your windows more than once a year? These problems are very common in wooded and heavily scrubbed areas as well as waterfront properties. Spiders leave droppings, which will spot, and pit out wood, vinyl and painted siding. A pest control application will prevent you from having to do these chores for the season.

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