AntsWith colonies reaching as high as 500,000 or more, it is important to take care of ant infestations at the first signs. If left untreated for an extended period of time, ants can cause more than just a headache. Ants can contaminate food and cause significant damage to your house.


America's Integrity pest services has created an ant control and removal process that safely and effectively removes ants from your home:

  • Inspection of foundation, rooms, trim, windows, vents, lawns and other potential ant entry areas to assess situation.
  • Application of low-odor insecticide and/or baiting techniques, depending on the kind of ant infestation.

Complete ant removal typically requires more than one treatment to gain control of an entire ant infestation. Professional and effective ant solutions don't just get rid of the ant you see. It takes care of the source--the nest--to prevent the ants from returning.

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